Wooden Photo Transfers


Okay so I made these for my friends Bridal Shower gift and have made plenty in the past. I have found what has and hasn’t worked in the past. I will post a video of my favorite tutorial and then just give you my tips and advice. 

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden planks (I buy a long plank and have them cut them in store)
  • Gel Medium
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Wash cloth and Water spray bottle
  • Printed photos on LASERJET Printer on regular computer paper*** So important

Alright guys, if you can see in the video the instructions that’s great, but I’ll post them down below but also with my tips. So, it would be wise to read through it all!

First, get your station set up, I do mine on my outside patio set up with a newspaper underneath my project. First you need to paint a thick layer of gel medium onto the first board with your sponge brush. Once you have a thick even layer, yes that is important, place your laserjet printed photo face down onto the board (ink photos DO NOT work, so don’t try it…it looks horrible and you just wasted that board). Smooth out any bubbles and wipe away any extra medium that squeezes off onto the side. Repeat this process with all boards and pictures (I usually do 4 at a time). Once your boards are done, place them in a safe area and let them dry overnight. They need to dry properly so 8 hours is definitely a good length of time, I have left mine for 2 days before and they looked great as well. 

The next day, go back to your station and pull out your wet wash cloth, spray bottle, mod podge and sponge brush. Wet your first board with your spray bottle of water. Once the paper is completely wet, rub/peel off the paper. Be careful, but make sure you have ALL the paper off the board.  Repeat this process to all of the boards. ***Now, go back to your first board and see if you have all the paper off.*** You will now realize if you have all the paper off, if you don’t, rewet the paper and keep rubbing. Some of the paper may come off completely and you are able to see the actual board, but that’s okay it looks cool. 

Once you know ALL the dry looking paper is gone and all you can see is the image on the wood, like the one above, you can mod podge. So, lather up the board with mod podge and paint it on evenly into ONE direction. Let them sit and dry for a few hours, you can do more than one layer if you would like. 

If your board dries and it looks like you have more dryish paper (all cloudy looking), then rewet the WHOLE thing and scratch off the mod podge and paper with your fingernail or something sharp. Then re-mod podge. If you want you can now paint the sides of the board and create a boarder around the picture. I will show you both below!

When MOVING or gifting the present wrap in wax paper, the mod podge will always be a little sticky to materials, so really…WAX PAPER over the image when transporting it. I made this mistake and it sucked so much. 

If you mess up and use ink or something went completely wrong, just try mod podging a laser jet printed photo onto the board over the other image it can still be pretty.

Here are some I did for an engagement I left blank:  


These are the ones I made for my sister and her gf: 




If you love these and just DO NOT have the skills for it, go ahead and message me on etsy and you can buy them from me! Send me the photo and I’ll get on it. 


Hope you enjoy your new artwork!