Painted Vases




So, I got a new job and need to decorate my new office so it’s not blah! I decided to make these painted vases that I could put up in the bookshelves with some fake flowers! These are great accessories for an office, home or party and are extremely inexpensive and customizable!


What you’ll need:

  • Vases (cheap ones can be found at the thrift store, dollar store, or in your own home!)
  • Acrylic Paints 
  • Paper plate
  • paper towels
  • Fake flowers (if you so desire)

First you need to set up your work station! Paper plates and towels set up to lessen your mess! Also, WASH AND THROUGHLY DRY YOUR VASES. Make sure you have no water spots, dirt, etc. The paint won’t cover that mess since it’s on the inside. 



Now let’s get started! Start pouring your paint into the vase. You can flip it over and let it run onto your paper plate, but I also like to twist and turn the vases over my plate to really make sure I cover the whole vase! 




Let the paint run and then an hour later, pick them up and flip them over. Let them dry for a few hours. If there are any holes or empty spots, add more paint and repeat the process! 


When they are truly dry, maybe 3-6 hours later, you can add your flowers. Be wary of the paint, since it can scratch off, rubber band your flowers together and their base and ends to make sure they don’t rub the paint off. 

*Remember paints are soluble, if you put real flowers, the paint will come off. You’re more than welcome to attempt to seal the paint on the inside, but there is no sure fire way to know you have it all covered. 


I hope you all find this DIY project as easy as I did! Enjoy your new decorations!!