Glittered Wooden Letters


These projects are simple enough really! You only need a few items!

  • A wooden letter
  • Mod Podge
  • A sponge brush
  • Two or more sizes of glitter in the same color (different colors if you’re going for a more funky look)
  • Paint that matches the glitter (optional)

First set up a station to work where you can catch the excess glitter and reuse it. Then you have the option of painting the whole letter, it would take two layers of paint. After your station is ready, you apply a liberal amount of mod podge over the bottom half of the letter, adding the bigger glitter over the glue. Next apply mod podge to the top half and add the finer glitter. Let the glitter sit for a minute then shake off the excess. 

You will now see empty spaces where glitter did not catch. Add more mod podge to those spaces, then fill in with the excess glitter from the opposite glitter size (ie finer glitter for spots on the bottom half and vise versa). After the whole letter is covered, take large amounts of mod podge to cover the letter. The mod podge finish will actually make the glitter shine better! Be mindful of the sides while covering glitter, the glue does dry clear, but it can leave odd globs that are not so pretty. Then if you wish you can paint the sides if you have not done so already (or perhaps you want to glitter the sides)!

When it dries fully, you can cover once more with mod podge if it is still too bumpy for your liking. I only covered it once and liked the results. 

Now it’s time to hang it up on a wall or door! Or put it up on a shelf and enjoy!




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