DIY Scarf Camera Straps

DIY Scarf Camera Straps

Here is a craft I really enjoyed making! And you only need a few items!

– A scarf (long enough to hang around your neck)
– Leather pieces
– Key rings
– Thread and a needle

First cut the leather pieces into long horizontal strips. Lead the key rings through the strips. Then fold the scarf into the way you want it to lay (I did mine like a bandana). Then sew the scarf ends into the folded leather strips. After you have sewn both pieces all the way through, you’re done!

Honestly it’s very simple, and it rests so nicely on your neck! It is so much lighter and more comfortable than a normal strap. And I picked up my scarf at the thrift store and the leather came from an old purse, so really it was a reasonable craft. Enjoy!



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