Antiqued Repurposed Night Stand



So, this is my newest and my most extremely favorite piece! AH IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

What you’ll need for this awesome project:

  • A wooden piece of furniture
  • Electric sander
  • Sand paper (fine grit, higher the number the better)
  • Screw driver
  • 3 or more cans of Spray paint (if sealant is not in paint, buy some if wanted)
  • Old rags
  • Blow dryer or vacuum
  • Optional: vinegar, salt, old or cheap toothbrush

Here’s the deal, hit up a flea market or thrift store for a an old quirky piece of furniture. Or take your old furniture from home and give it a makeover. Find a good place to set up camp! I used my garage because outside you may get things blowing around and indoors is horrible with spray paint. Then I set down a tarp to keep things clean. Once you’re set up take off the hardware and wipe down the whole piece and fix up and cracks or loose pieces.


After you take off the hardware, load up your sander. Yes, you will want an electric sander because even with one of those this can be a long process. Since, we are only using a spray paint (not sanding) you don’t need to sand it down all the way, but you should definitely make sure the varnish is off. I tried to get most of it down to the light colored wood because that would go nicely with my color choice. However, it was difficult even after I turned the nightstand on its side. I couldn’t get a lot of it off! You may need to use little pieces of the paper to get at the smaller bits of the piece.


Then you will need to either blow dry off the sanded bits off or even vacuum them up and wipe off the piece once again. After it is clean shake up your first can of spray paint, some people say you need primer, but for this case I wanted the color to come through a little and the color covered well. I used Kylon SATIN spray paint from Michael’s. It is important to use satin paint, it looks and dries the right way. Do your first coat, being careful to not make it too drippy. *Tip to help with drip: turn the piece on it’s side and do only one side at a time, the top side…it won’t have anywhere to drip! It will take longer, but the results would be better!*


After that all dries, apply your second coat! And allow that to dry as well. While it is drying go to the sink with your hardware to give it a good cleaning. There are many different ways to clean hardware and they can differ depending on the material they are made out of. So, if they are brass like mine were, a magnet will NOT stick to it. If it is brass it can handle more abrasive cleaning. Those that stick to the magnet should only be washed in warm soapy water and scrubbed with the tooth brush. However, with the brass I used warm, soapy water mixed with a little vinegar in a bowl. After it soaked I poured some salt onto the handles and brushed them. I then rinsed and dried them to ensure they wouldn’t rust.


Now it’s time to go back to the furniture. Once it is dried you will load up your sander (remember it will probably take multiple sand paper refills for each side of the piece). Then, you will sand over your paint job. This will take a while. There honestly is no right way to do this, it’s all up to your eye and what you think looks good. I mean, the edges obviously look good sanded and so do big chunks, but it’s all up to your taste. Little pieces of sandpaper wil be needed on the finer details. When you are done sanding, clean it once more with your blowdryer or vacuum, there will be plenty of mess! It is now up to you to use a sealant or not. I didn’t, but I am not planning on using this in an area in which water would cause any damage.






Make sure you add back that cleaned hardware (or if you hate that hardware go get some cute drawer pulls from Anthropology or Rodware). Enjoy your new old looking furniture!



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